Our Story

Lin Jiang
Founder & CEO of Crave Natural

As a child, my mom would make black sesame soup for me when I got home from school. The smooth, semi-sweet, toasty flavor made it one of my favorite foods to eat – and luckily for my mom, it was also one of the easiest to make. In China, black sesame soup has been a staple food for hundreds of years. It has been linked to health benefits like stronger bones, relief for indigestion, stabilized blood pressure, and decreased risk of cancer.

As an adult, I began working and found myself reaching for snacks often throughout the day, but the food I had access to was too unhealthy to be eating so frequently. I was craving something healthy and convenient that I could eat every day without worrying about negative effects. I kept coming back to the black sesame soup that had been my favorite for so many years – but the products in market were high in sugar and calories. I decided to start making my own recipe from scratch for myself and my best friend, and after his first bowl he couldn’t wait to eat more. We saw this as an opportunity. Why not bring black sesame soup and all of its amazing benefits to more people in the world? What started as a simple craving for a traditional meal has evolved into something else: a company dedicated to creating healthy and natural food that we can eat every day. We created Crave Natural so that you can satisfy your cravings without sacrificing your health.

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