How To Come Out Of Work From Home With Glowing Skin

How To Come Out Of Work From Home With Glowing Skin
How To Come Out Of Work From Home With Glowing Skin

This article was written by Emily Her.

When we come out of stay-at-home, all our friends will suddenly be new yoga masters, artisanal bakers, and Tik Tok stars. Make sure you’re in your best shape and image by keeping your skin clear! Shelter in place means that we’ve been getting less natural sunlight to enrich our skin, but that shouldn’t stop you from achieving glowy skin. You’ll come out of quarantine with healthy and radiant complexion!

  1. Wash your face before going to sleep

Even though you aren’t stepping outside as often as you may have previously been, dirt and grime can still build up on our faces. We may not be able to even see it with our own eyes, but trust us, you want to keep those pores clean. Keep cleansing wipes next to your bed if you’re just too exhausted at the end of the day to do a full, dedicated wash. 

  1. Maintain a relaxed and active lifestyle

We all know that stress produces acne and some unappealing skin. When under stress, our bodies undergo our fight-or-flight response, creating hormones that disturb our skin. Exercising just 20 or 30 minutes a day will be able to create a break during your schedule to destress. Try watching a fitness Youtube channel or schedule calls with friends to exercise together. You’ll be surprised at how effective a simple jogging break will be for your productivity!

  1. Get enough sleep

There is no excuse to not be getting enough sleep during work-from-home! We should be having at least 8 hours of sleep everyday to be at our tip-top shapes. Depleting your body of rest means that its hormones will be unbalanced, causing breakouts and unappealing skin. Before catching those Z’s every night, try to read a book or enjoy some light music so your body can become accustomed to earlier bedtimes. 

  1. Cut down on sugars

Those who consume more added sugars have a 30% greater chance in developing acne. When it comes to our body, most of its changes are a result of our diet. Especially with work-from-home, cutting down on sugars is easier than ever. Cooking at home and staying in on weekend nights means that we can reduce alcohol intake and avoid foods or beverages with high added sugars. 

  1. Eat foods that support clean skin

We’ve been told over and over again that drinking water will clear our skin, but we need to also pay attention to our diets. Low glycemic foods such as legumes, fruits, and grains are huge supporters of glowing skin, along with herbs such as turmeric or cilantro. Of course, anything high in fiber will also help to cleanse your body of its impurities. We recommend incorporating a cup of oatmeal into your daily life for a filling and healthy treat!

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