Embrace a purposeful lifestyle starting from food

Embrace a purposeful lifestyle starting from food
Embrace a purposeful lifestyle starting from food

Food as medicine

Everyone knows oatmeal is healthy. It’s great for your heart and can lower cholesterol. Egg whites and protein shakes are perfect for building muscle and burning fat because they’re high in protein. Now, what if you need to calm down before your big client meeting while stay alert, or get an energy boost at 2pm without having caffeine jitters? Or what if you want to eat some food that can make you feel happy? Most of us don’t know how to achieve these outcomes without raiding the medicine cabinet or spending money on fancy nutrition classes or hiring a health coach.

Confused about nutrition and what food you can eat?

A national survey shows that 96% of people eat for health benefits such as weight loss, heart health, or energy, but only 45% could identify a food or nutrient that conferred those benefits. The available consumer products on the market today are either chemical-based supplements or powder drink mixes that taste awful.

The first purposeful food company

Crave Natural is here to help you achieve your wellness goals through convenient and delicious food. We support your daily health practices by offering functional benefits beyond basic nutrition. We currently offer low-sugar, high-protein, high-fiber oatmeal with four distinct flavors and functions - energy, calm (help you keep calm while stay alert), glow (skin health, detox), and focus (brain health and alertness).

The ingredients we use have been scientifically shown to be tied to specific wellness benefits, such as improved energy, relaxation, and skin health. We achieve these results while delivering incredible flavors by merging nutritional science with traditional East Asian eating practices. Our mission is to bring purposeful eating to our daily life along with more joy and deliciousness. 

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