Easiest Ways to Fill Your Diet with Superfoods

Easiest Ways to Fill Your Diet with Superfoods
Easiest Ways to Fill Your Diet with Superfoods

This article was written by Emily Her.

Superfoods are exactly what they sound like -- they’re the superheroes of the food world, providing us with boosted levels of our essential nutrients. Our diets are even more important during work from home when we’re getting less exercise and sunlight!

Unfortunately, buying “superfood” drinks and snacks at the store usually means that we’ll be consuming unnecessary added sugars. So how do we get our superfoods in without any of the bad stuff?

  • Use Pure Maple Syrup as Sweetener
  • We know that there has recently been a huge jump in “low-calorie” sugar alternatives. It makes sense to want to cut down on the sugar that we consume, but who knows what some companies add into these sweeteners to maintain their taste? By swapping sweeteners with pure maple syrup, you’re adding polyphenols into your diet, which have been shown to increase brain function and health. Of course, you still need to be conscious not to overdo it!

  • Greek Yogurt as a Treat
  • Greek yogurt may not be as smooth and creamy as its normal counterpart, but there’s a reason for this! Greek yogurt undergoes less processing than commercial plain yogurt, meaning that it retains more of its natural probiotics, protein, and vitamin D. You have to be careful though -- lots of companies have been adding flavors into their Greek yogurt to sell more off of the shelves. Especially during stay-at-home, we recommend learning how to make your own Greek yogurt at home for the healthiest option. 

  • Use Nutritional Yeast as Cheese
  • One of the grails of vegan diets is nutritional yeast. It’s packed to the brim with B-complex vitamins to give you a plant-based boost of zinc, folates, niacin, and more nutrients. But how does it taste? Just like parmesan cheese! We recommend sprinkling some on your popcorn or pasta -- your guests won’t be able to taste the difference. And the bonus? You’re getting all-natural protein, fiber, and B-12 that many Americans lack.

  • Replace Eggs with Flax Seeds
  • Another secret we can steal from our vegan friends is using flax seeds as the perfect alternative to eggs in recipes. So many baked goodies require eggs, and it seems like their runny texture and properties are impossible to achieve. By adding flax seeds with water to form a gooey mixture, you’re incorporating additional omega-3 fatty acids and fiber to all your favorite baked recipes. Who knew that grandma’s famous brownies could be fueled by superfoods? The possibilities are endless.

  • Make Oatmeal a Habit
  • No, we aren’t talking about those instant-oats flavored as “apple cinnamon” that you get in a bulk box for a mere $3. We’re talking about whole oats that provide antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients to make them one of the world’s most nutrient-dense foods. What’s more, we love oatmeal because it’s practically a blank canvas -- add your favorite superfood toppings for a healthy, filling, and convenient meal

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